August 14, 2011

I need to do more!

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Last Saturday morning I felt very strange…I couldn’t stand to be in the house…I had to be outside…I had to be on the bike.

This was very strange.  I’ve never before had this feeling that I Need To Get Out And Do Something. I mean, I’m the girl whose favourite weekend pre-hubby was a holiday weekend where I slept for three days straight (the few hours of wakefulness were spent watching movies while waiting for the pizza to be delivered).

But there it was – I was pacing around…I couldn’t sit still…I felt….squirrelly – that’s the best word for it….squirrelly.

I went to my gym and unloaded the bike.  I’d been around this field before, with my trainer. While I didn’t try The Big Hill, I did ride round the field, which gave me lots of practice turning corners (not my best thing) and more practice avoiding dogs, their walkers and other cyclists.

But I started to get frustrated. After 45 minutes of riding, it wasn’t enough to just ride back and forth, over and over again repeating the same route endlessly. I wanted to ride and see new things, new scenery.

On that day, however, I had to settle for an additional 3 mile walk with the dogs. Not bad….but not pedalling…

Ahhhh…..but Sunday…


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