August 15, 2011

Sunday was for pedalling

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SUNDAY was for pedalling!

My husband and I packed the bikes up in the van and headed to Oakamoor and there, along the disused railroad tracks, I could ride.

And ride.

And ride.

I’m not sure how long I actually rode for – it was somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours.  And it was wonderful!

I’m not saying that I didn’t stop at all – I did stop. Occasionally I just needed to get off the bike for a moment or two in order to get a bit of circulation back into my backside, but that’s it. I never stopped for very long and then it was right back to riding.

It was beautiful riding through the trees and past fields. I loved the earthy, woody smell that you miss out on speeding through the countryside in a train.

We met other cyclists and some walkers – I learned to use my bell – and I learned that when you are stopping it’s good to look before you plant foot on the ground. There may be dog doo. There was dog doo.  The trainer is now clean, but that’s a toothbrush I’ll never use again!

I don’t know how far I went – the GPS on my phone wasn’t working properly. I didn’t care, it was just wonderful to be out!

After the ride


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