August 28, 2011


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I know that there have not been many cycling entries lately. I’ve been a bit distracted preparing for a trip to Greece to assist my husband in some field work. In fact, I write this sitting in our first hotel in a tiny town called Vrastama in Polygoros. (The hotel is called Viraggas and I HIGHLY recommend it if you’re in the area.)

The final preparations, making sure we have all of our documents in order, all of the maps and directions for finding the various hotels and sampling sites across the country, making sure that map of Greece is loaded into my phone’s satnav, making sure we have all of the supplies we need for the sampling and making sure we understand exactly what the researcher who is sending us to Greece needs from our samples – that’s taken up much of my time and brain space for the past couple of weeks.

It’s been an amazing trip so far – so many things that I’m doing for the first time. The woman who writes one of the blogs that I follow has started a project called 35:35 – she is determined to try 35 new things in her 35th year. (Her blog is called scannermum and when I get back home I will add a link to it here – I’m afraid I’m still working out how to use the wordpress app for my chosen tool of communication on this trip!) (UPDATE! Her blogger name is scannermum, her blog is margot-and-barbara.) I think that’s a brilliant idea – but I also think that 47:47 is a bit ambitious – especially since I’ll only be 47 for another 3 and a bit months! (Correction: I’m actually 48, not 47! Wow! My brain WAS a bit of a mess!) But I do seem to be doing many, many things for the first time on this trip. Many new things in life, really, at the moment. I’ve decided that I will start another page to this blog and as its title I will use what a friend of mine has just had tattooed on her wrist – Live Adventurously.

When I get back to the UK – back on the bicycle!

In the meantime – Kalamera!


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