August 4, 2011

So THAT’S how it’s done!

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Thank you all for your fine weather wishes – the rain stopped long enough for me to get in some riding this evening.

We spent 45 minutes riding around a section of the 3 mile  cycle path. I’ve learned to start pedalling (without falling over), go around corners (without falling over) and stop (all together now….without falling over). I can’t tell you what it does for my confidence to not have to be picked up off the ground twice for each meter I pedal!

We even went down a hill….a BIG hill….and it was curvy….very curvy…..and I went really fast, so fast I nearly took off!

Well, that’s how fast it felt, anyway.  The reality is that in a race between me and a snail I’d probably have come a close second.

Then we had to go back UP the hill….the BIG hill.

I started, I pedalled…well, I tried to pedal. I stopped.

A word of advice to the beginners reading this – never stop on a hill!

Because that means you need to start on a hill.

And this is not good.

I tried many times to get going and failed.

It was at this point, while I was standing with my bike on the hill, trying to catch my breath that a young girl of about 4 years old came round the corner, along with mum and dad and Jack Russell terrier.

When the little girl saw me, she stopped dead and put both  hands over her mouth, as if she was trying not laugh.

She finally took her hands away from her mouth, looked at me with a big grin lighting up her face, and gave me her sagest piece of advice.

“You have to pedal!” she said.

Yes, I do, Petunia. Yes, I do.


Rain, rain, go away…

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It’s raining today and it must stop.

I’ve been working with my trainer, who has been helping me get fit for Cycletta, and today is The Day.

It is The Day That We Go Out Riding Together.

I’ve ridden this lovely bicycle in bits’n’pieces, here and there, to and fro, fore and aft.  But I’ve not ridden.

Today I will.

There is a 5k cycle/footpath that begins behind the Fitness First gym that I go to and today I ride that.

Which means that the rain must stop.

Say it with me?

“Rain, rain, go away…..rain, rain, go away…..rain, rain, go away…..”

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