August 18, 2011

More advice from the Under 10s

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Shortly after I started this two-wheeled adventure, I got an email from my sister telling me that my niece, 6 year old Riley, had just had the training wheels removed from her bike. She too was learning to start, stop and turn.

My sister has posted video of this momentous event and it pains me that I cannot find a way to pass it along to you. I can, however, show you a picture.

My favourite clip shows her pedalling furiously up the street in front of her house. (Yes, she has mastered the riding up hill that I am still working on …) She reaches the top and gets off the bike to turn it around to go the other way. As she is making the all important pedal adjustment, she looks up to proclaim to the world

“It’s easier downhill!”

Yes, once more I am indebted to the under 10s for words to live by…


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